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Electronics and X-Ray Technology

"We are Iatome Electric, an Indian company located at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. ALERIO X-Rays is a brand owned by Iatome Electric. All our products are designed and manufactured in India using award winning and innovative Indian technology. We are supported by the government for commercialisation of indigenous science and technology. Over the years, we have become experts in electronics and X-Ray technology and offer a range of products in diagnostic and industrial x-ray."

We have a complete in-house team and facility for Design, Development and Manufacturing of X-Ray machines. Each design and its manufacturing,sales and service follows ISO13485 quality process. The products themselves are designed to meet international IEC standards and are certified by independent regulatory agencies.

Quality Assurance
We consistently maintain a strong commitment to superior quality in everything we do.

Quality is paramount in healthcare industry. Alerio X-Ray machines are enlaced with quality end-to-end. To keep Alerio on the leading edge, we consistently maintain a strong commitment to superior quality in everything we do.

Each Alerio X-Ray machine is designed, manufactured, sold and serviced as per ISO 13485 quality procedures in India. The equipment are tested and certified by independent regulators, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB).

Certificates & Awards

Medical Innovation Award

President's Technology Award

CII Award

AERB Certification




ISO 13485 Certified Company.


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