Premium DC X-Ray-PRIME

ALERIO is a manufacturer of X-ray machines for variable applications. DC Prime is an advanced High Frequency DC Intra-Oral Dental X-Ray compatible with all types of films, phosphor plates or sensors. The X-ray machine uses an electronic feedback method to control and ensure high accuracy and repeatability in radiographs. With this advanced X-ray technology the images produced are superior and consistent.

Floor Mount Model

Wall Mount Model

Salient Features & Advantages
Smooth Drift Free Arm

Easy movements & Positioning.

Double Shield Technology

Low Leakage Radiation.

In-built Stabilizer

Freedom from Unreliable Machine Voltages.

Intelligent Controls

One-touch Selections for Easy Use.

Digital Sensor Compatible

Go Film-less. Go Modern.

General Specification
Generator High Frequency, 150 kHz
Tube kV 60 - 70 kV
Tube mA 4 mA - 8 mA
Focal Spot 0.8 mm