5kW Fixed X-Ray Maestro 5000

ALERIO Meastro 5000 is an economical, and compact fixed room x-ray machine for general radiography procedures. It uses High Frequency DC Technology. The X-Ray Dose Rate is consistent and intense. Enabling good images at lower exposure settings. The equipment can be powered from a standard single phase power outlet. The small size focal spot results in sharper images. ALERIO Maestro X-Ray is Made in India and comes with warranty and support. It conforms to AERB, BIS and ISO standards.

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Salient Features & Advantages

  • DC Generator 200kHz Inverter
  • Digital Controls with Pre-Sets
  • Small Size, Occupies Less Space
  • Single Phase 16A Mains Input
  • In-Built Voltage Stabiliser
  • Simple Installation
  • LED Collimation
  • Remote Exposure Control
  • 1.8mm Focal Spot

General Specification

Generator Type HF Inverter 200kHz, DC Output
Tube kV 40-110kV, 1kV Steps
Tubs mAs 01-250mAs
Max Tube mA 120mA
Peak Power 5000W
Exposure Time 0.01s-5s Digital
Focal Spot 1.8mm IEC
Leakage Radiation <1mGy/hr
SSd (In-Build) Minimum 300 mm
Mains Voltage 180V - 260V AC
Line Current 16A at 230V
Total Filtration >2.5 mm AI Eq
X-Ray Controls Trigger at Hand Switch
Tube Column Manual Counter Balanced
Table Top

<1.2mm AI Eq

Control Panel Digital Dispaly, Anatomical Pre-Sets

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