Digital Mobile X-Ray Smart 8000 DX

ALERIO Smart 8000 DX, is a High frequency DC Output Compact Digital Mobile X-Ray system for general radiographic procedures. It integrates a wireless DR panel with a touch panel image acquisition and display unit, along with a powerful x-ray source. This integrated wireless DR acquisition ensures real time display of the x-ray images on the display unit. There is no need to wait for film development or cassette reading. The equipment can be powered from an inbuilt battery system or from a standard power outlet. It is lightweight and highly mobile. Hence can be moved in and out of restricted space with ease.

The x-ray source uses a high frequency microprocessor-controlled inverter with feedback control of the x-ray. This ensures good quality x-rays are produced at almost any condition such as poor mains supply. The unit can work from a relatively lower powered mains backup generator or UPS. The exposure settings are pre-programmed as per the anatomy and can be selected using the touch interface. A parallel console can also be used to set exposure settings manually. Both wired and wireless exposure switch is provided for user safety.

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Salient Features

  • Real Time Digital X-Ray
  • Wireless Detector & X-Ray Unit
  • High Manceuvrability
  • High Brightness LED Collimation
  • Battery Option
  • Powerful High Frequency DC generator
  • Integrated Touch Panel Interface

Safety Features

  • Wide Mains Voltage Tolerance
  • Low Leakage Radiation
  • Active Over-Load Protection
  • Adaptive Cooling Period
  • Digital Close Loop Control

General Specification

Output KV Range 40 kV - 120 kV
Maximum mA 150 mA
Maximum mas 250 mAs
Peak Power 8kW (100kv 80mA / 80kV 100mA)
Exposure Time Range 0.01s- 3.0s
Mains Power Voltage 150V AC-260V AC
Focal Spot 2.0mm IEC
Weight <120 KG
Technology HF DC Generator
Controls Touch User interface

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