Intra Oral Sensor DIOR

Digital intra oral sensor(ALERIO DIOR)

ALERIO is a manufacturer of Intraoral x ray Machine DIOR which is a direct USB type high definition dental intra oral x-ray imaging sensor and software. It is equipped with the latest x-ray technology with a simple and intuitive software that can be set-up on multiple systems. Pre-settable image filters can be configured to individual preferences.

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Technical Specification

Model DIOR Crystal
Part No 904-000032-01
Description Intra Oral Sensor for Dental X-Ray

Computer Hardware Requirements

Operating System Windows 8.0 or higher
Processor Intel 13 or Better
Ram 4GB
Usb 2.0 High Speed
Monitor 17" or Better
Language English

Sensor Specifications

Image area Size 1 (20mm x 30mm)
Chip/Sensor 14-Bit CMOS
Scintillato Cesium Iodide (Csl)
Light Guide Fibre Optic Plate
Pixel Size 200 x 200
Pixel Resolution 1500 x 1000
Dimensions 39mm x 25mm x 5.3mm (thick)
Connection USB 2.0 wired
Image Resolution 20 line pairs per mm
Casing Waterproof ip67

Works with all types of X-Ray units

DIOR sensors work well with both AC or DC type x-ray units. The software can be set to capture good images with AC units also.

Unlimited installations

DIOR software can be installed in any number of PC you may have. Especially useful when you need to use a single sensor in multiple clinics.

Life and easy to use software

DIOR software is designed to be as simple as possible while providing all the images manipulation tools required. Most functions work with a single click.

High definition images

The sensor harder has a high resolution CMOS sensor with a fibra optic light guide coated with CSI(TI) Scintillator. Designed for the best images.

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