Portable Dental X-Ray XR

ALERIO XR is a hand-held and battery powered intraoral X-Ray. it combines the superior performance of a DC x-ray With the convenience of portability. The design enables easy handheld positioning and usage producing superior images and either film or digital receptors.

Winner of National Award

Presented by the President of India for innovative Indian Designed & Manufactured Product.

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  • Sensor Compatibility
  • AERB Approved
  • LED Display With Soft Keys
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery
  • 0.4 mm Focal Spot DC X-Ray
  • Angle Indicator


  • Gun Type Design for Easy Handling and Use
  • 70kV, Long Cone & 0.4 mm Focal Spot for the Best Images
  • Digital Angle Indicator for Proper Positioning
  • X-Ray Leakage on the surface is 7 Times Lower than AERB Limits
  • Economically Priced with Attractive payment Option

General Specification

Output 70kV, DC
Tube mA 2.3mA
Exposure Time 0.01s-1.0s
Focal Spot 0.4 mm, IEC
Battery Li-ion Rechargeable
Leakage <0.03mGy on The Surface
Cone Length (SSD) 200mm, Fixed

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