16kW Fixed X-Ray Maestro 300i

ALERIO Maestro 300i is a powerful state of the art Fixed X-Ray System for general radiographic procedures. ALERIO Maestro 300i employs High-Frequency DC Output Generator Technology and Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube. A high operation duty cycle for any type of X-ray procedure is possible. The image quality is the best when compared to any other X-ray type.

ALERIO Maestro 300i’s Dual Focal Spot Rotating Anode Tube adaptively selects the Small or Large focus depending on the load factors and usage. The selection is optimized to select the Small Focus for most settings as it provides the best images. This system is powered by a 3-Phase mains power input. The simple user interface console with 400 Anatomical Programs is designed specifically for ease of use by technicians. The unit is ceiling free and comes with Floor Mounted tube stand, a 4-way Floating Table, and Swivelling X-ray Tube arm all with an Electromagnetic locking system for fine and easy positioning.

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Salient Features

  • High Performance X-Ray System
  • Dual Focal Spot Rotating Anode tube
  • 4-way Floating Table
  • Electromagnetic Locking System
  • 400 Anatomical Programs

Safety Features

  • Circuit breaker for mains isolation
  • Low Leakage Radiation
  • Active Over-Load Protection
  • Adaptive Cooling Period
  • Digital Close Loop Control

General Specification

Output kV Range 40 kV - 125 kV
Maximum mA 320 mA
Maximum mAs 350 mAs
Peak Power 16kW
Exposure Time Range 0.005s - 5.0s
Input Power 3 Phase, 440VAC, 50Hz, with Neutral.
Focal Spot Small focus 1.0mm, Large focus 2.0mm
Collimator 125kV Manual control
Generator Type HF Inverter with DC Output
Leakage Radiation <1mGy in 1 hour at 125kV
Total Filtration 1.0 mmAL
Tube Stand Ceiling free floor mounted
Electromagnetic locking
Table Top Horizontal 4-way floating table
with Electromagnetic locking
Exposure Control Wired / Remote Switch
Anatomical Programs Factory / User Programmable

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