5kW Mobile X-Ray Smart 5000

ALERIO Smart 5000 is a compact yet powerful Mobile X-Ray Machine for general radiographic procedures. It uses advanced High Frequency DC Output X-Ray generation technology. The overall size and weight of the equipment are low, making it ideal for mobile applications. The DC output enables good images at a lower exposure setting. The equipment can be powered from a standard power outlet. It has an in-built stabiliser to take care of voltage variations. ALERIO Smart 5000 is made in India and comes with a warranty and support. It is designed to conform to IEC requirements on safety and performance. The unit is BIS and AERB regulatory certified and manufactured as per ISO standards.

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  • 200kHz HF DC Generator
  • 120mA / 100kV/ 5kW
  • Digital Command & Controls
  • Compact Size and Weight
  • Easily Manoeuvrable
  • Programmable APR Feature
  • In-Built Stabiliser

Typical Usage Enviroinment

  • Clinics, Laboratories & Hospitals
  • ER & Patient Bedside X-Ray
  • Remote Location & Home Visits
  • Secondary to Fixed X-Ray

General Specification

Model Alerio Smart 5000SX
Generator Type High Frequency DC Output
Output kV 40kV-100kV in steps of 1kV
Output mA 120mA maximum
Output Power 5 kW
MAS Range 0.3-250mAs
Exposure Time 0.01s - 5.0s
Focal Spot 2.2mm IEC Stationary Anode
Leakage Radiation 1mGy in one hour / (50mR/hr)
Collimator Manual collimator with LED bulb
Dimension Footprint 850mm x 690mm (Floor Area)
Overall Weight 80KG
User Interface Digital with APR and Exposure Switch
Main Voltage Range 180VAC - 260VAC, 15A

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