2.8kW Portable X-Ray
Smart 2800

ALERIO Smart 2800 is compact portable / mobile x-ray system. It can operate both from the mains or from an optional battery pack. Weighing less than 12kg. This compact X-ray unit is suitable for varied applications such as medical camps, mobile diagnostic vehicles, remote locations, small clinics, bed side x-ray etc. It can be configured to be a simple mobile digital x-ray system when mounted to the mobile stand and a digital detector. The x-ray generator employs digital controlled high frequency inverter technology and can pump out 2.8kW of peak power at any kV. The graphical user interface is intuitive and contains pre-programmed exposure settings. The exposure is possible using a wireless remote.

ALERIO Smart 2800 is made in India. It is designed, developed and manufactured inhouse, keeping simplicity, versatility, and efficiency in mind. ALERIO Smart 2800 is cost-effective in terms of initial investment and service maintenance. This X-ray unit comes with a 2-year product warranty along with lifetime service support in India.

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Salient Features

  • Highly portable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Digital Angle Indication
  • Works from Mains / Battery Pack
  • High Frequency Generator
  • Simple User Interface
  • Optional Mobile Unit
  • Optional Battery Pack

Safety Features

  • Wide Mains Voltage Tolerance
  • Low Leakage Radiation
  • Active Over-Load Protection
  • Self-Diagnosis Protection
  • Digital Close Loop Control
  • Regulatory approved

General Specification

kV Range 40kV-100kV
max mA 70mA
max mAs 100mAs
Peak Power 2.8kW
Exposure Time Range 0.01s-2.0s
Mains Power Voltage 180-260V AC
Focal Spot 1.2mm IEC Stationary Anode
Weight < 12 KG
Technology High Frequency 100kHz or more.
Type Portable / Mobile X-ray

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