Premium Intra Oral X-Ray FLAVIO

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FLAVIO Safety Features

  • Zero Leakage Radiation
  • 200mm Cone Length
  • Wide Mains Voltage Tolerance
  • Active Over-Load Protection
  • Adaptive Cooling Period
  • Wide Mains Voltage Tolerance

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Salient Features & Advantages

  • Variable KV & mA
  • Scissor arm with Long reach
  • Wall, Floor & Chair Mount Options
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Regulatory Approved

General Specification

Output KV Range 60,65,70 kV (5kV Step)
Output mA Range 4 mA - 6 mA (1 mA Step)
Focal Spot 0.4mm IEC Stationary Anode
Exposure Time Range 0.01s-1.05 (0.01 sec step)
Generator Type High Frequency > 100kHz
Supply Voltage Range 110 - 230V AC 50/60hz
Compatibility Film, Digital Sensor, Phosphor Plate
Controls Microcontroller-closed loop system
User Interface Digital with APR settings
Exposure Switch Wired and Wireless Exposure/Trigger

Intra Oral
Dental X-Ray