ALERIO Radiographic Table

Radiographic Table for radiology departments to position patients during X-ray imaging procedures.

ALERIO’s Radiographic Table allows for precise positioning of patients for various X-ray views. The table surface is made of a radiolucent material, which allows X-rays to pass through for clear image capture.

ALERIO’s Radiographic Table is comfortable for patients, ensuring proper positioning for accurate X-rays available with and without bucky option.

Table Types

  • Stationary Radiographic table
  • Movable Radiographic table

Salient Features & Advantages

  • Tabletop - MDF
  • Bucky input supply -230v
  • Maximum loaded weight-200kg
  • The height of the table is 700mm
  • The length of the table is 1825mm
  • The width of the table is 660mm
  • Cassette tray-SS
  • Bucky with brake

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