Premium Intra Oral X-Ray PRIME

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ALERIO DC PRIME is an advanced high frequency DC output Intra-Oral X-Ray compatible with all types of films, phosphor plates, or sensors. The X-ray machine uses an electronic feedback method for control that produces repeatable, crisp dental x-rays. The controls for this unit are located on the Tubehead or can be programmed from a mobile application.

ALERIO DC PRIME has two variants.

  • Wall Mount Scissor Arm
  • Floor Mount Scissor Arm

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  • 0.4mm Focal Spot
  • Wireless DC X-Ray
  • Variable kV &mA
  • Digital Sensor / PSP / Film Compatible
  • Remote Access Via mobile App
  • Integrated Head & Timer
  • Electronic Stabilizer
  • Smooth Scissor Arm with
  • Long Reach

General Specification

Generator High Frequency (>100kHz Output), DC
Control Type Closed Loop for mA and kV
Tube kV 60kV - 70kV in steps of 1kV
Tube mA 2mA-8mA auto / manual
Exposure Time 0.01s-5.0s
Focal Spot 0.4mm IEC
Duty Cycle 1:30 & 3 exposure in Burst mode
Leakage Radiation >0.1mGy in 1 hr
Cone Length >200mm;300mm Optional
X-Ray Field Size Round 60mm Standard, Rectangular 44x35mm Optional
Total Filtration >2mm AI
Input Voltage 90VAC-264VAC
Exposure Control Wired or Wireless Remote

Intra Oral
Dental X-Ray